What is a TRUE Transformation?

Seb’s gentle, calm and sensible approach to fitness sets him apart from all other trainers I’ve ever met. It is obvious how committed he is to his clients, and to ensuring they become the best version of themselves.  

I have never met someone more committed to his client’s goals, and to sustainable training. There’s no massive life changes here; no calorie counting, no secrets. Just small tweaks to suit your life.

Thanks to Seb, I am stronger, leaner, faster and fitter than in my 20s – and getting better as I get older!

Vicky Cheong

A massive thank you to Seb from SRPT for being a big part of my health, fitness and recovery journey. I started my new lifestyle in October 2019, after reaching a hefty 115kg. Seb and his team are incredibly supportive and knowledgeable in all aspects of fitness and nutrition. Seb has helped me get results I once thought were impossible. I am happy to say that I am off all my daily medication and am looking forward to reaching more goals, set with Seb’s help and guidance.

Tammy Punti

I learnt more about training and nutrition from Seb than I did from my last four PTs put together! I can’t tell you how empowering that feels.

Seb gave me confidence and consistency. I genuinely look forward to training with him in the morning – and I never thought I’d be a morning person!

If you’re looking to get started, I can’t recommend Seb highly enough!

Melanie Strathern

Seb’s wealth of knowledge allows anyone to feel like they can understand even the most complex parts of nutrition and exercise. With a commonsense approach, there are no fad diets or counting calories - it’s just about being smart and practical rather than radicalising your routine.

Seb‘s approach works for any level of fitness. He is always at the gym or online ready to help you, answering questions, and constantly going above and beyond for all his clients.

Not only have I seen a physical change, but I have also had a huge positive mental shift, with Seb there every step of the way.

Marty Dixon

The 8 Week Challenge was more than just a competition. It was a fresh start. It was a chance to break free from my plateau, to learn something new and to grow both physically and mentally. I couldn’t be prouder!

Justin Ashford

Within 12 months, I went from an unhappy 180kg to weighing just 95kg. Not only did this make me feel like a different person, it also made a lifelong dream a reality! Seb then worked with me to pass the Police Fitness test, which opened up even more opportunities for me!

Jazz Atmaja

I dropped a whole dress size and I’ve never looked or felt better – even though I only lost 0.08kg! Yep. According to the scales I lost 80g. But what scales don’t show is that over those 12 weeks I ACTUALLY dropped 1.59kg of body fat and gained 1.51kg of lean muscle! (Measurements from professional grade DEXAs). Now I’ve got the body I’ve always wanted and the habits and knowledge to keep it! Thanks Seb!!

Binisha Shrestha

Every time I started a new fitness journey, I never saw the results I wanted. I focused a lot more on cardio and gave up when I didn’t see or feel any changes happen quickly.

In 2019, Seb taught me the proper form of weightlifting. Seeing the changes in my body – not just my weight, but my stamina and endurance – is so motivating! I never imagined that I’d be able to run even 1km, but now, I can run 5km effortlessly! And that sense of achievement is an amazing feeling.

Now that I train regularly, I am more energetic and generally feel better about myself. I look forward to striving to achieve more goals.

Ashwathi Menon

It's a lot more than weight Plates & Body Shapes

Looking back at my own transformation always makes me laugh.

If I knew then what I know now, I could have saved myself a world of headaches and wasted nights in the gym, that’s for sure!

I remember routinely searching the internet for the best diets and training programs, only to end up more frustrated and confused than when I’d started. Devoting my life to coaching taught me the power of structure, the importance of food, and the secret to consistently better results. And now, I’m here to teach it all to you.

Seb Randolph

I’d been training on my own for ages but wasn’t seeing the results. And what’s worse, I still hurt myself doing it! Seb taught me to learn from my own physical limitations, how to lift well and get the results I’ve always wanted.

Nikki Boluso

Transforming my body shape was never my actual goal, I just wanted to feel strong and  healthy. But I must admit I LOVE the way it’s changed along the way! Not to mention, the more I changed, the more my partner wanted to get involved and transform too! It brought us closer together and has created so many amazing opportunities for us. Thanks Seb.

Katrina Jakes

The 8 Week Challenge was more than just a competition. It was a fresh start. It was a chance to break free from my plateau, to learn something new and to grow both physically and mentally. I couldn’t be prouder!

Justin Ashford

The best part of training with Seb is that he helps you get stronger so you can live a good life! It feels so good to be able to do everyday activities more easily.

Chloe Smith

Seb from SRPT has been an absolute pleasure to have train me. With a focus on your goals, Seb will build you a personalised program that will get results quickly and safely. His vast experience and continued development make him a fantastic trainer – whether you’re an experienced trainee like me or you’re just starting out. I would happily recommend Seb to anyone looking for a trainer or coach!

Aram Hohn

A true transformation transforms your whole life!

I started working with Seb when I found myself stuck in a little fitness and life slump. Since then, he's helped me by correcting my form and technique, which significantly helped improve my strength training and recovery.  He's also coached me through strategies in structuring nutrition and workouts for the week to fit with my busy routine. He works holistically with clients and tailors his approach to the individual, and always goes above and beyond when helping others. He listens without judgment and is passionate about working and problem-solving with his clients, to help them get to where they want to be.

Zoe Teh

As a 52-year-old man who has reached the pinnacle in my industry, I can honestly say that Seb is one of the most impressive, mature young men I have ever met. What’s also rare is Seb’s extraordinary work ethic -  for every task or goal, he brings an I-refuse-to-fail attitude.

Seb seriously can do anything he sets his mind to, and has an infectious positive personality. I have watched in awe as Seb has notched away every challenge and goal effortlessly, honestly and with incredible integrity. It is rare to come across such a mature young man with such an amazing and beautiful moral compass.  I can't recommend Seb more highly for any of his endeavors he chooses to embark on.

Stuart Hinds

From training to nutrition, recovery to rehabilitation, right through to habits and lifestyle – Seb covers it all. If one thing’s for sure, it’s that you can always rely on Seb to give you the best results, unparalleled service, cinema-grade videos and a perfectly tailored program to suit you and your specific needs in each and every way.

I highly recommend Seb to be your PT!

John Hirjee

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt over the past three years, it’s that Seb is a highly motivated and results-driven trainer. He takes the time to really get to know you, and to understand your goals, limitations and lifestyle. Creating the perfect plan to suit YOU and your life, rather than forcing you to fit into someone else’s plan or program.

He is with you every step of the way, motivating, coaching and partnering with you, so you always get the best outcome.

Ben Furner

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