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Here at SRPT we think of training and nutrition as tools for success.
Like anything, it’s always important to choose the right tools for the job and to consider
your individual goals, needs and starting points before you begin.

Our Programs

In the same way, you wouldn’t use a shovel to hammer in a nail, your training program needs to be designed to best suit you and your specific goals.

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-------------- Starting August 22nd --------------

Whether you're looking to get STRONGER, LEANER, FITTER or FASTER, this is the challenge for you!
With customised programming, private coaching sessions, FREE group sessions, recipes, meal plans
AND 3 EPIC HOLIDAYS to be won, are you ready to transform YOUR life?

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New to the gym?
This is the perfect program to get you started on the right foot and learning the right way!


Looking to sharpen up your current gym routine? Choose this option if you've got some weight lifting experience!


Know your way around a barbell and are comfortable training multiple times a week?
Let's get started!    

Hybrid Training 

By far our most popular solution!
Choose this option if you’d like a specialised program and 3 private PT sessions included with your Trainer.


Prefer to work with us in person?
Choose this option if you’d like to get in touch with one of our trainers
right here in Hawthorn (Victoria, Australia), and we'll tackle your goals together.

"Thanks to Seb I am Stronger, Leaner, Fitter & Faster at 40 than I ever was at 20! ”

- Vicky Cheong -

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